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Moissanite Rings: The Latest Trend in the Market

Moissanite Rings: The Latest Trend in the Market

There is a growing demand for moissanite rings in the market. A moissanite engagement ring is a very good option for both men and women who want to buy diamond engagement rings. At first glance, people might confuse moissanite with diamond or they might not be able to distinguish the two at all. However, they are not the same.

With the arrival of this most recent trend in jewelry, many retailers are beginning to offer moissanite rings. This is on top of their inventory of diamond engagement rings. Customers like these new rings especially when they do not have unlimited budgets. All the same, they still want to own a ring that looks as close as possible to a diamond.

These rings are more affordable compared with diamond rings, and some even say that they look better than diamonds. There seems to be no end to the demand for these rings. Retailers continue to stock on them every time there is a new shipment from their suppliers.

What is Moissanite?

There is no doubt that moissanite is a common stone among jewelry enthusiasts. Today, moissanite rings are gaining popularity in social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, not to mention blogging sites like Tumblr. The combination of the metals rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum (with sterling silver) is very much ideal for moissanite jewelry making.

So, what is moissanite? Moissanite is a gemstone that a French chemist, Henri Moissan, discovered in 1893. Since then, there have been more discoveries of this mineral from meteorites and the earth’s crust. This stone produces jewelry items because it is similar to diamonds when cut into gemstones. Moissanite has excellent fire and sparkle that is similar to that of diamonds and sometimes better.

Important Properties of Moissanite

Moissanite possesses many similar properties to that of a diamond. It looks very beautiful when cut into gemstones or used in jewelry items. This is because of the mineral’s excellent fire and sparkle that resembles that of diamonds.

It has a low price stone that attracts many buyers. The stone is hypoallergenic and is very durable, as well as resistant to scratching and breaking. Here is a detailed look into its properties and the reasons why they are trending:

  1. Moissanite possesses a refractive index (RI) of 2.65 – 2.69, which is very close to the RI of diamond (2.42). Therefore, many people find it difficult to distinguish moissanite from diamond. The stone has a dispersion of 0.104, which is nearly three times that of diamonds (0.044).
  2. Manufacturers cut moissanites in an oval faceted shape. On the other hand, they cut diamond with either step facets or flat facets that reflect light differently. The brightness of moissanite stones is comparable to that of diamonds. However, it is sometimes better.
  3. For those who would want to make their moissanite ring designs, there are several easy tutorials on the Internet. There are also free moissanite ring patterns available online that you can download and use for this purpose.
  4. The majority of popular jewelry makers provides custom-made rings or even customization of ready-made rings according to their client’s specifications. You may choose from a wide range of styles and designs available for this kind of ring. One good thing about moissanite stones is that they come in different cuts and sizes that you can choose. Some jewelers offer discounts on already discounted prices. It is no wonder that moissanite rings are becoming more and more popular these days.
  5. Individuals who love this type of ring are those who would want to give diamond engagement rings a break. Moissanite rings give you a chance to go for something different. However, it is just as beautiful. If you wish to purchase a wedding ring with an unusual center stone and an equally unique setting, then moissanite rings are the best choice.

We probably are used to having diamond rings. However, moissanite rings can be a wonderful replacement for this kind of stone. Moissanite stones are so brilliant and sparkle as much as diamonds do, but they have a fraction of the cost. This makes them very affordable to everyone. So, if you want to give your loved one a beautiful ring without breaking the bank, then moissanite rings are an excellent choice.